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The Animals Under the Sea

By Lilah Kenny

I went to Sarasota, Florida over winter break with my family and we went to the Mote Aquarium. So, I am going to tell you all about the exhibits and animals.

First, let’s talk about sharks. They look vicious but are trained. In the Mote Aquarium they had a shark zone where you can see them from under water and from a platform above the water. My Dad was very scared he was going to fall into the water!

They also had manatees. Their names were Buffett and Hugh. They love people, especially Buffett. Their favorite meal was lettuce. They also had a neighbor in their water… a sea turtle named Harry! He was found in the Banana River with head and shell wounds. Harry had been hit by a boat. The aquarium was able to help Harry recover from many of his wounds but could not repair the vision loss caused by the head injury. Today, Harry lives with manatees Hugh and Buffett.

Let’s talk about the river otters Jane, Huck, and Pippi. Jane was rescued in spring 2015 and came to Mote from an animal rehabilitation facility in Conway, S.C. At the time of rescue, she was about 4-6 weeks old weighed about 2.3 pounds. She weighed 10 pounds on arrival at Mote. Pippi was rescued in spring 2015 and came from the same Conway, S.C., and at the time of rescue, she was believed to be a week to 10 days younger than Jane and weighed 2.1 pounds.  Pippi is more shy and calm than Jane, with darker coloring on her face. They are so cute together and I like to watch them play together. Huck was not in the family with Jane and Pippi. He was very shy at first. My family and I went on a tour early in the morning and got to see some tricks from the otters.  Huck did a good trick when the lady said, “be cute” and did a cute happy face.



I also saw lots of fish.

There was one more exhibit that stood out about trash in the ocean where they made lots of things with trash they either found in or washed ashore from the ocean. For example, they made a giant jellyfish out of plastic gathered from the sea, a Styrofoam wall of fake coral, and white skeleton from plastic containers and a sea turtle made from bottle caps and plastic. It made me feel sad for the animals in the ocean and made me realize the world should know about this, so we can make a change and save our oceans and our animals in the sea. Polluting the ocean is bad. One easy way we can all help stop it is to use paper straws and recycle!

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