Poems & Stories

Fiction: The Three Little Meowshmallows

By Tate Marcinkoski

The annual International Hot Chocolate Convention was about to begin. The three little meowshmallows (think marshmallows that look like cats!) were traveling there as part of their job as official hot chocolate taste testers. But a huge winter snow storm suddenly hit, and they had to take a detour through the Evil Forest, where legend has it that a mysterious, ferociously mean creature lives.

The moment the meowshmallows stepped into the forest, they felt a fierce, cold wind and heard strange growling sounds in the distance. As they tried to stay warm, they dreamed about all the new flavors of hot chocolate they would soon be diving into and tasting.  Slowly they traveled forward. After an hour, they came to a stop, their path blocked by a huge fallen log.

When the meowshmallows tried to cross over the log, it started rolling and pushing them backwards. They tried again and the same thing happened. Then suddenly, the ground shook and they heard a loud, rumbling voice yell: “How dare you trespass! Turn around and leave this forest…or else!”

Two of the little meowshmallows screamed and ran off, but the third one, who was very brave, stood his ground and said, “Please, Mr. Log. We have somewhere very important we need to be.”

But the log just shook and rumbled and said: “Get out of my forest. You will not cross!” Still, the brave meowshmallow would not give up. He sat down on the log and started telling him about the convention and all the delicious flavors that would be there: “Caramel, cotton candy, strawberry, peanut butter, Oreo cookie, peppermint bark…”

“Did you say peppermint bark?” the tree asked. “I love bark.”

“Well, we will bring you back some if you let us pass through,” said the brave meowshmallow.

The log thought for a bit and finally said okay. And then he rolled out of their way.

Later that night, the three little meowshmallows returned to the forest carrying a steaming cup of peppermint bark hot chocolate. They gave it to the log. As he drank, he began to smile a little bit and then he told them all about his life. He used to be part of a beautiful old oak tree but a lightning storm struck him and he fell to the ground and he was left all alone on the dark, cold forest floor for years and years. He said he is very lonely and bored and that is why he is always mean to anyone who enters the forest.

The little meowshmallows understood and felt sorry for the log. Then they had an idea! They would have the log moved to the local park where he wouldn’t be all alone and he’d be warm in the sunshine. It turned out the log was very happy there. He was always surrounded by children who would sit and play on him all day long. And of course the meowshmallows visited him often, always bringing him a warm cup of peppermint bark hot chocolate. The end!

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