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Books: A Percy Jackson Throwdown

A poll and review of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters vs. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

By Danby G. Morrison

OK PJ fans out there, which Percy Jackson book do you like better?  The Lightning Thief, or Sea of Monsters?  Comment below with your answer!

Well let’s think about the story lines.   You will hear them right here:

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson has been kicked out of a lot of schools, this one was not a normal one. A satyr from Olympus named Grover, a centaur named Chiron, and Percy himself is son of Poseidon, [ Spoiler Alert! ].

Zeus and Hades think that Percy stole Zeus’s master bolt, because gods aren’t aloud to steel each others property, but their children can, so Zeus is mad at Poseidon because Zeus thinks that Percy stole the Master bolt and brought it to Hades.  Meanwhile Percy goes to Camp Half-Blood protected by a border from monsters and mortals.   Percy trains at Camp Half-Blood to go on real quests. And this is his first one, he must go to Hades in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Can Percy prove to Hades that he does not have the master bolt?

Sea of Monsters

The borders of camp half-blood are broken when Thalia’s tree
gets poisoned by Hermes son, Luke.  Percy must go on a quest to find the golden fleece, a thing that can heal people or places.

And they meet Grover on his quest looking for Pan. But Luke is looking for the fleece too, Luke will return the fleece to Percy when he’s finished with it! Luke wants the fleece to heal Kronos, the titan lord. But Percy was not supposed to be on this quest, his enemy Clarise was supposed to, but he wanted to.


Now that you have heard the two stories, tell me which one was your favorite and which one you want to read, bye!

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