WES Happenings

Fun for All at PTO’s Craft Night

By Lilah Kenny

It was December 7th, 2017. Craft night at Wayne Elementary School in the Little Theater and Cafeteria. There were different stations set up with amazing craft making. Friends and family rushing to get in the lines. Parents working their best as kids push and shove their way to the front, and get seconds and thirds on their crafts. Chatter and laughter filled the room.

There was a temptation for cookies because there was a massive line longer than you can imagine. The craft stations included:

  • A place where everyone can make a colorful bag.
  • Snowman sticks (made from marshmallows, pretzels, gumdrops, gum, toothpicks)
  • Clay ornaments so good it closed early!
  • And bookmarks were very fun and a great recycling station as they reused cardboard boxes.




And finally, at Snowman Soup kids got to have some marshmallows and some chocolate kisses and some hot cocoa for all.

I hope you all had a merry jolly holly time at CRAFT NIGHT☺☺☺!

Thank You Mrs. Ambler and parents for a wonderful night!

Don’t forget Jan. 12 Bingo Night 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

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