WES People

Spotlight On: Mrs. Steinmetz

By Tate Marcinkoski

I had an opportunity to sit down and interview Mrs. Steinmetz, our school’s strings teacher. Mrs. Steinmetz has been teaching in the Radnor Township School District for 20 years. She works at all three elementary schools and teaches fourth and fifth graders how to play the violin, viola, cello and bass. I am learning violin with her this year, and I can tell you that she is an awesome teacher. Violin is hard, but she makes it so much fun!

Mrs. Steinmetz studied music at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia and at West Chester University in West Chester. She can play five different instruments. She started learning piano in the fourth grade and violin in the ninth grade. In her free time, she plays in a local string quartet.

Mrs. Steinmetz told me that she loves teaching music because she enjoys working with kids and sharing her knowledge with them. Her advice to beginner students is to stick to a steady practice schedule. She said it is important to practice every day.

Mrs. Steinmetz’ favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach because he wrote such a wide variety of music. She especially likes to listen to his solo violin sonatas and partitas.

When she is not teaching, Mrs. Steinmetz enjoys reading, getting together with friends and spending time with her family. She also has a dog, Melody (can you guess where her name came from?), who she likes to take for walks.

If you are interested in learning to play an instrument at WES, here is what you need to know. You can choose to start a string instrument in fourth grade and a band instrument in fifth grade. Each week you have a 25 minute group lesson with about three to five other students. Mrs. Steinmetz teaches the strings students along with another teacher, Mr. Scinto, who also teaches all of the band students.

In the spring, rehearsals for the WES orchestra and band begin. All students who are part of the music lessons program participate. Rehearsals take place once a week in the morning before school starts. Then the students perform a special concert in May for their parents and the rest of the WES students.


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