WES People

Mrs. Fields, WES’ Amazing Music Teacher

By Leah Zhang


Today I am going to tell you about Mrs. Fields. But first, I am going to tell you two facts about her.

1. She sings in the church every weekend. And,

2. Mrs. Fields is married.

Okay, here are some questions for Mrs. Fields. Then, there below are the results. And now, these are my questions:

  1. Did she ever move?
  2. What is her favorite food?
  3. Does she like her job?
  4. Does she have any kids?
  5. What instruments does she play other than the piano?
  6. And the last question is: Where did she grow up?

And, as I promised, here are my answers for my questions:

1. Yes!! She moved several times and she lived in: Florida, North Carolina, and her latest move was here to Pennsylvania four years ago.

2. Her favorite food is French fries.

3. Yes, of course!! It’s because that she gets to sing the whole day.

4. Yes!! She has three boys.

5. She plays a tiny bit of guitar, but other than that, she just plays the piano.

6. A tiny beach town in South Florida named Jensen Beach. That is where she grew up.

I am sorry, but this is the end of the story for the report of Mrs. Fields so,

!! Bye !!



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