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Get Ready for Winter Stations!

By Danby G. Morrison

I’m going to tell you what I remember about winter stations. The first thing is there is this game that lots of kids like, it is called “Rescue Santa.” It’s a game where you go across an obstacle of gym mats, then you go on this big mat and you flip it over by saying “HO HO HO HERE I GO!”

Now another game, which is my favorite, is where you ride on this thing and you control it by these handlebars and you sit on it. There is also rock-climbing, which I’m not very good at, but sometimes I try.

And another fun one is these ropes that you swing on and our gym teacher, Mr. Blaha, pretends they are icicles.

A lot of kids really like winter stations, but some activities to some kids can seem dangerous. Like for the rope swinging, if you’re too scared, then you could fall off and get hurt. But the whole point of winter stations is to have fun. So don’t be too worried about that.

By Connor Walsh

There is a very special tradition coming up…Winter Stations! Mr. Blaha, our gym teacher, created Winter Stations over 30 years ago and it is still going on.

Winter Stations takes place in our gym before winter break. Winter Stations is made up of many different activities such as Ice Hockey, Skating, Snowmobile, Icicle Swing, Mush Mush, Rescue Santa, Snow Balls and Ice Wall. Mr. Blaha’s favorite station is Rescue Santa and Mr. Tracey’s thinks Ice Hockey is the best.

Icicle swings and Rescue Santa are the most popular stations among the WES students.

Emma Hyde, a 5th grader, loves all of the stations but her favorite is Icicle Swings. She loves when swinging, she gets to shoot baskets. I know myself and many of my friends are counting down the days until Winter Stations begin. I hope the tradition continues for many more years.


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