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A Great Time at the WES Book Fair

By Elise Flanagan

When my alarm went off, I got right out of bed because I was so excited. I said to myself, “Today is the Wayne Book Fair!”

I learned that the three purposes for the Wayne Book Fair are to raise money for the school, to put new books in kid’s hands, and to donate books to your classroom.

At 12:30, my class finally went to the book fair. I walked into the Little Theater and saw hundreds of books. I couldn’t wait to look at all the different books.

We listened to Mrs. Monahan telling my class where all the different books were. She said, “Poetry back there, history along with historical biography to your right, educational over there, and non-fiction and fiction scattered all over. Have fun!”

My mom met me there with her money and we bought three books. I picked “Where Is the Eiffel Tower” because my family and I are going to Paris for Spring break.

I also picked “The Baby Sitters Club” because it was written by Raina Telgemaier.  She wrote other books that I really like.


The last one I donated to my class (well my mom donated one). I don’t know much about that book other than it had something to do with a super hero. It was a book Mrs. Barnes chose for part of her library.


I looked at all kinds of books, chapter books, easy books, and comic books. I had an awesome time! And I hope you did too!

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