WES Happenings

Trunk or Treat Live!

By Lilah Kenny

If you did or didn’t go to Trunk or Treat, I am here to tell you about the great cars and announce the winners.

I saw really cool and scary/silly cars on Trunk or Treat.

For example, I loved the Girls Scouts alien car, also the Marino’s car had a cool skeleton theme. And don’t forget the Ninja Turtles’ car who had Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Esposito and other teachers dressed as ninja turtles. Funny right?

And you couldn’t miss the haunted house that was really freaky and cool. When you climbed inside it was like a cemetery. And one other really silly thing was the car with the singing pumpkins. They were so real looking!

There were a lot of great costumes. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, old ladies, Chewbacca, cats, Captain Underpants, our favorite Steelers fan, and one giant dinosaur. The dance contests were so fun to watch.

Now it is time to tell everyone the winners.

And the first winner is car number 7 which is the Comstock family. Our next winner is car number 12 which is the Lan family. And finally, the last winner is cars from number 22, the haunted house. This was a group effort from the Adams, Tyrell, and Fiory families.

Well now you know the winners who won a reserved spot on Halloween for the parade.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this night. All the kids left happy and full of candy…especially one little mummy.



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