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The Buzz on Mrs. Gallagher

By: Lilah Kenny☺

I interviewed Ms. Gallagher (the school’s art teacher) and I asked her what she thinks of Wayne Elementary School. She says that our school “ROCKS!” She also said that this school is caring and friendly.

Ms. Gallagher has made lots of new friends at WES! For instance, whenever she needs to ask a question she goes to Mrs. Fields or Mrs. Dahlstrom, who are happy to help.

When Ms. Gallagher is not teaching art, she enjoys teaching kick boxing. When I asked if she wasn’t teaching what else she might be doing, she replied she would be a football player or coach. She was a cheerleader when she was younger, and her family loves football.

I asked Ms. Gallagher how she got into art. She replied her parents are artists and they encouraged her to be herself and be creative.

Ms. Gallagher is from New Jersey, but recently moved close by. She likes Jules Pizza and the Chinese restaurants in Wayne.

She has three birds that are named after the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. She has all of them except for Donatello. Her favorite is Mikey because he likes skateboarding and pizza.

We are so glad that Ms. Gallagher came to Wayne Elementary School. Welcome, we love that you are here! ☺

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