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Players Excel During Third Grade Football

By Zeke Williams


Lately in football everybody has been playing very well.  Competition has been great, with eight students playing each day.

The offense has been great for both teams, with both teams having a lot of rushing and passing yards.   There have been a couple of kids getting well over 50 receiving yards.  Rushing yards have been amazing, too, with a lot of kids getting over 75 yards!

So far, the longest throw ever thrown was a Hail Mary at the end of the a game.  That pass was thrown for 75 yards AND IT WAS TO WIN THE GAME!

There have been only two injuries so far, a mouth injury and a wrist injury.  More kids have gotten hurt playing basketball than football!  But a lot of kids don’t get the point that it is touch football!   That’s where the injuries come from.

The teams have been sort of unbalanced, but those teams that are the underdogs often step it up and get the win.  That’s the third grade football update for this week.  Thanks for reading.

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