WES Happenings

A First Grader View of Book Fair

By: Lilah Kenny☺

I asked a 1st Grader what book at the book fair will sell the most. The 1st Grader said that the new Chicken Squad book would sell the most. And he was right!

Also, he said that the boys would love the Dino Dancing book. He said it was amazing, the boys tackled each other for that book. And he said that the girls would love the new Princess in Black book. He said that the girls were pulling and tugging on the last copy.

Also he predicted nobody would like the book: The Good for Nothing Button because it doesn’t make any sense. He was correct!

And he said the girls would not like the Rabbit & Robot book, and nobody bought it. He predicted the boys would not like the new Fly Guy book, because it’s not popular any more, it’s “out of the window.”

I asked the 1st Grader his opinion on the very best. He said that Super Turbo was his favorite on his list. He also said that Creepy Underwear is too creepy. And I happen to agree.

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